Client Response

After the closure of every personal injury case, we send clients a form asking them how we treated them. The following are excerpts from the comment section of our form:

We think our attorney worked above and beyond for us!  Thank you for being an aggressive and kind man and representing us so well.  We are grateful for your friendship!

- Judith W.

I was, and am pleased that Mr. Beckham was compensated and especially for his recommendation of Mr. MacNeil.  The office was professional in every way!  It was a pleasure to be served by all!

- Ron D.

Dan Rayfield went beyond the call of duty!  He was honest, trustworthy and nice.  I received compassionate care and he actually cared about me as a client.  Dan Rayfield is a really good attorney and an amazing human being.

- Cindy B.

Learned a lot in the process of being walked through the system.  I have already referred a friend in similar circumstances.

- Jeanne L.

My gratitude is boundless for all the effort you have made to reach a long sought resolve of my pursuit.  I truly feel that a large measure of justice has been served for my late and beloved wife.  All the best to you.

- Bob R.

I was very pleased.  This is my first experience with an attorney, and I was super nervous.  Staff is very friendly.  I always looked forward to coming in.  Daniel was very good at explaining things that I could not understand.  P.S. Go Ducks!

- Tiffany B.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.  I cannot tell you enough just how much I appreciate all the long hours and hard work you put into my case to make it such a success.  You did an amazing job and I am forever grateful!

- Chelsea F.

I am so glad I called!  I would have signed forms from the opposing insurance company.  I appreciated the honesty, guidance, and support that were offered.  The result was fantastic!  I would be thankful for your help regardless of the outcome though.  Thank you.

- Anonyous

This was a very positive experience within a not so positive. Thank you again for all your assistance.

- Leola W.

I was totally knocked out by your policy of taking home less than your client – in my case this resulted in my being able to pay an extra bill.  It wasn’t a lot of money really but it meant a great deal at the time.  This is a really great policy!

- Heather R.

I was very nervous about filing a suit, but was put at ease working with Chris MacNeil.  I am very satisfied and grateful having worked with your law firm.

- Tamara D.

Thank you for your service.  I wish everyone were as efficient as your firm is!  I always appreciated your candidness and frank answers regarding my case.

- Erica M.

Mr. Nelson is very informative.  I was very satisfied.

- Velma H.

Thank you for your services.  I got a fair and just settlement and I am extremely satisfied.

- Shannon R.

Dan was professional, informative, honest, and helpful.  I would definitely give a positive recommendation.

- Alisa D.

I had never been to a lawyer for myself so I was very nervous but Mr. Nelson set me at ease.  I’m glad the case was settled before having to go to court.

- Doris S.

Thanks for your help during this long and often frustrating process.

- Barbara C.

Very professional.  Well prepared, organized, attentive to details, explained options/outcomes.  Reasonable.  Gave reasons of insurance position.

- Ellis W.

Chris was great.  Treated us with respect at all times.  Always kept us informed.

- Wendy S.

Great job!  I hope I never need a lawyer again but if I do I know where to go.

- John C.


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