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IUDs have been a source of injury and sometimes death to women for decades. Various designs have come and gone over the years, but despite decades of problems, the medical manufacturers continue to try new designs.  In 2000, the FDA approved a new addition to the IUD family known as the Mirena IUD. The Mirena IUD was designed to release a substance known as progestin that prevents a woman's ovaries from releasing eggs.  If an egg does release, the presence of the IUD is said to disrupt the fertilization of the egg in the uterus.

Unfortunately, numerous side effects have been linked to Mirena IUDs.  After being inserted in the uterus by a doctor, the Mirena IUD has been known to perforate the uterus and migrate into the abdominal cavity where it can damage other internal organs, and can cause bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, and other serious conditions including death. 

Numerous other side effects are also associated with the IUD. The FDA has received over 70,000 complaints of side effects since the device was approved. Mirena IUD lawyers have filed hundreds of product defect lawsuits against the manufacturer (Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) claiming the product is dangerously defective and the warnings are inadequate to advise women of the risks of using the device.  In 2009, the FDA asked the manufacturer to increase the warnings of possible side effects.  Despite the FDA’s actions, many consumers and Mirena IUD attorneys have called for the FDA to recall the device. 

Our law firm commonly handles defective product cases and has evaluated Mirena IUD claims.  Depending on the extent of the side effects, the expense of litigation may not justify the cost of filing a Mirena IUD lawsuit.  A perforated uterus would be a good example of a serious complication with a Mirena IUD.  It is important to note, however, that in cases where the IUD has perforated the uterus, there is a possibility that it occurred because the physician inserting the IUD made a mistake. Such a mistake would be considered in many cases to be “malpractice.”

In product liability cases, such as Mirena IUD lawsuits, the legal system tries to collect groups of the lawsuits into a single court where a judge can be assigned to oversee the processing of the claims. These are sometimes called multi-district litigation groups. The advantage of this procedure is that the product liability lawyers involved can collaborate and share information to reduce the cost for each lawsuit. It also avoids a duplication of effort that could occur against the same manufacturer if lawsuits are handled individually in scattered locations around the country. The good news is these combined lawsuits often result in a settlement from the manufacturer with the court supervising the distribution of the settlement money to the injured consumers.

There is never any guarantee these product liability claims will be settled on favorable terms, but where there is strong evidence that the product was defective or that the warnings were insufficient, there is a high likelihood that the manufacturer will want to eliminate the claims by making reasonable settlement offers as they improve their warnings and in some circumstances even remove the product from the market.

If you search the Internet, you will find many firms handling Mirena IUD claims. Our attorneys have handled a number of medical device product liability claims as well as claims of defective pharmaceutical drugs and other dangerous products.  Feel free to call one of our Mirena IUD lawyers if you have a question or would like a free consultation.

Certain time limits, known as statutes of limitation, apply to these claims.  If you have a potential claim, you should call a lawyer specializing in Mirena IUD as soon as possible to find out what time limits apply to your claim.

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