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When a manufacturer places a product on the market they ask consumers to trust them that their product is safe.  Consumers trust that manufacturers will not place a dangerous product on the market.  Consumers expect that the manufacturer has done its homework and testing to ensure that each product is safe.  However, as our product liability attorneys have seen with the automotive industry, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and other industries, the trust given by consumers is not always deserved. 

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Product liability cases stem from a product that did not function as it was intended, and as a result caused someone harm.

Every year, product liability attorneys see hundreds of individuals that are injured or killed due to dangerous products. A dangerous product can include something that was improperly manufactured or, in some cases, a product that was designed in a manner that made it unreasonably dangerous to a normal user.  Product liability can also include medications or medical devices that have hidden undisclosed risks, causing injury or death.  Some products can be dangerous because they fail to include proper safety protections, lack warnings of hidden dangers, or lack proper instructions.


Our lawyers have handled numerous cases against large companies and manufacturers holding them accountable for placing dangerous products on the market. Moreover, our lawyers handle a variety of cases ranging from hip implants to prescription medication.

Product Liability Attorney

Product liability cases stem from a product that did not function as it was intended, and as a result caused someone harm.

If a defective product has caused an injury or death, it is important to preserve all of the evidence.  Our dangerous products attorneys conduct thorough investigations and consult with appropriate experts knowledgeable about the product involved to determine exactly what happened and why.  Without all of the evidence, if becomes increasingly difficult for our attorneys to conduct a thorough investigation.   

Product liability cases can be difficult to handle on your own, due to the complexities of the law, the investigative process, and the cost to pursue.  If you have questions or would like to consult one of our attorneys, please do not hesitate to call 877-928-9147.  Our attorneys will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.  Our product liability lawyerss in Oregon frequently travel to meet clients across the state including the cities of Corvallis, Albany, Portland, Eugene, Salem, Lebanon, Philomath, Sweet Home, Newport, Waldport, and Lincoln City.



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