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Attorneys can commit malpractice just like any other professionals.  Consumers spend significant time trying to find an attorney they can trust to handle their case.  When they do find the right attorney, the consumer hands over control of their case and places total faith and trust in the attorney to help them.  When an attorney breaks this bond of trust by committing legal malpractice, the attorney is responsible for the harm caused.  It is important to speak with a legal malpractice lawyer in Oregon to understand your rights and learn about any potential time deadlines that may exist for your case. 

In Oregon, if a lawyer thinks they have committed malpractice, they have been trained to admit the wrong and refer the client to a lawyer.  Our lawyers commonly see legal malpractice claims due to the following:

  • Missing a statute of limitations or other deadline.
  • Failing to know the law and/or apply the law.
  • Failing to conduct adequate discovery or investigation of the case.
  • Procrastination.
  • Conflict of interest.
  • Fraud.
  • Improperly withdrawing from a case.
  • Losing the file or documents in the file.

In almost all legal malpractice cases in Oregon, the client must also prove the underlying claim that the original attorney was hired for.  For instance, in an auto accident case, the legal malpractice attorney must first prove that the attorney committed malpractice.  Once this is proven, the attorney must then prove your initial auto accident claim – this includes both fault and the amount of your damages.  If your initial claim cannot be proven, legal malpractice may have been committed but the law would find you were not harmed.

Our lawyers help clients across the state of Oregon. Sometimes our lawyers can spot the act of malpractice upon initial contact with a client.  Other times, a more thorough investigation is necessary.  Our attorneys conduct thorough investigations into the facts of each case before agreeing to pursue a claim.

Our lawyers are more than happy to answer any questions you have or consult on a potential case.  It is important to keep in mind that all personal injury cases have time deadlines that must be complied with.  Make sure you know your time deadlines or contact a legal malpractice attorney to learn about them.  Failing to comply with an important deadline, like a statute of limitation, can cause you to lose your claim.

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