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Choosing a good dental malpractice lawyer is essential to ensuring your case will be handled with care from day one. Attorneys who specialize in dental malpractice have experience handling the complexities of dental malpractice claims, including case law and procedural rules. Medical errors have become widespread in the United States, and our attorneys see many different types of malpractice claims each year. If you think you have a claim, the lawyers at Nelson MacNeil Rayfield are deeply committed to protecting those affected by dental malpractice.

What is Dental Malpractice?

Dental malpractice refers to the professional negligence by a dentist or oral surgeon in which treatment provided was substandard, and caused injury or death to a patient. In the case of dental malpractice, the error may have been a negligent act or an act of omission. When evaluating whether or not you have a dental malpractice claim, it’s important to note that dentists don’t commit malpractice just because their efforts were unsuccessful or were not perfect; the dentist’s degree of care, skill, or diligence must fall below the average standard of care in the community for the same or similar circumstances. Dental malpractice can include, but isn’t limited to: 

  • Failure to diagnose conditions like oral cancer or periodontal disease
  • Injuries to the nerves of the jaw, tongue, and lips
  • Infections resulting from lack of care or improper care
  • Defective bridges or crowns that cause harm to teeth or gums
  • Improper or needless extraction of teeth
  • Wrong prescriptions and/or dosages  
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What Makes Us Different

With over 70 years of collective legal and trial experience, our dental malpractice lawyers will answer your questions at no cost, help point you in the right direction, or if need be, represent you and your dental malpractice claim in court. A successful claim requires a lawyer who understands the intricacies of a dental malpractice, ranging from thoroughly investigating the claim to understanding the state-by-state regulations for filing.

Finding a reputable dental malpractice law firm with attorneys who are understanding, compassionate, and willing to fight on your behalf is essential. When choosing a law firm to handle your dental malpractice case, look out for: 

  • Experience you can trust
  • Specialty in dental malpractice litigation
  • Satisfied clients
  • Fair fee structure
  • Ethics
  • Responsiveness

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