What If I Slip and Fall at a Business And Get Hurt?

Falls can be caused by flooring materials; floor construction; foreign substances on the floor; obstructions where people need to walk; and other dangerous conditions which could have been prevented. People are sometimes surprised by the severity of the resulting injuries. For example, falls can result in bone fractures, dislocations, and head injuries. And these falls can happen anywhere – at home; at work; or at the commercial establishments that we visit. So, what happens when a customer falls down and gets hurt while visiting a business?

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Is Distracted Driving a Problem with Semi-Truck Drivers?

Distracted driving has been a topic of debate around the country for some time now. Almost anyone who drives an automobile has witnessed other drivers paying more attention to their smartphones than to the road and the driving conditions around them. You might have even observed a businessman tying a necktie or a businesswoman finalizing her makeup, all while operating a motor vehicle at a high rate of speed. Parents drive while dealing with unruly children in the back seat. Even those of us who focus on safe driving have probably been distracted on occasion.But what about semi-truck drivers? After all, they attend driving school and have to obtain special licenses to become qualified for their jobs. They are skilled in the operation of tractor-trailer trucks and drive thousands of miles as professionals. Do they fall prey to distracted driving like other drivers? In this article, we’ll answer that question.

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Dangerous Mistakes Often Made in Hospitals and How to Protect Yourself

Any time we learn that a friend or loved one has been hospitalized, there is immediate concern because hospitalization connotes an extremely serious situation. That said, we also often feel a sense of relief, knowing that the problem was diagnosed in time to obtain treatment. And because the dedicated medical care professionals and hospitals in this country typically provide a high level of care and treatment, there is great optimism for a positive outcome. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes, even in the finest hospitals, mistakes are made that result in injury and death. In this article, we will discuss some of the dangers lurking in hospitals, along with suggestions on how to protect yourself.

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What Are Common Injuries Resulting From Motor Vehicle Accidents?

It’s clear that the injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, and the consequences from those injuries, can be severe. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common of those injuries.

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What Happens When a Hit and Run Driver Causes an Automobile Accident?

Motor vehicle accidents can take a big toll on everyone involved. The cars may be damaged or completely totaled. Injuries can be serious, sometimes resulting in death. Previously peaceful lives may suddenly involve hospital and doctor visits, loss of the ability to work, a lack of transportation, insurance headaches, emotional damage, and the possibility of litigation. Fortunately, the legal system in Oregon and across America is designed to hold accountable the wrongdoers who cause motor vehicle crashes. But, on occasion, these wrongdoers take the greatest action possible to attempt to avoid their responsibilities – they flee the scene. At this point, the hit and run driver now has more than civil liability to worry about – the driver has now committed a crime. In this article we will discuss what happens when a hit and run driver causes an automobile accident.

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How Should I Proceed If I’ve Been Involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

Historically, many Americans have had love affairs with their motorcycles. Moreover, for those who have never owned a bike, many have fantasized about doing so. After all, a motorcycle represents much more than transportation – for some it’s a form of freedom; for others there’s a rush of adrenaline; and some riders feel a special connection to the outdoors and the environment around them. And here in Oregon, with so many beautiful and amazing landscapes to enjoy, it’s not surprising that may Oregonians own and enjoy motorcycles. Unfortunately, accidents can and do occur, and the results can be devastating. In this article we’ll discuss some steps to consider taking if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident.

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What Are Common Symptoms and Effects From Asbestos Exposure?

American industry prospered for many decades by earning enormous profits using and selling products containing asbestos. And to be fair, many companies were initially unaware of the negative health consequences caused by exposure to the substance. Some companies, on the other hand, acted in a far more sinister manner, hiding their knowledge of the dangers of asbestos exposure from both employees and customers. Fortunately, the dangers of asbestos are now well-known, and important safeguards have been implemented to help protect those who are still exposed. In this article, we will discuss some common effects of long-term exposure to asbestos, along with symptoms.

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What Are the Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries a Person Can Receive in an Auto or Semi-Truck Accident?

Although its difficult, if not impossible, to rate one type of injury as worse than another, its undeniable that brain injuries can cause some of the most debilitating consequences imaginable. In this article, we’ll discuss brain injury in general, and specifically address the types of traumatic brain injury a person can receive in an accident with a car or tractor-trailer truck.

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Tips for Finding the Right Doctor and Avoiding Medical Malpractice

While we are thankful that most doctors perform their services with great care and professionalism, there are some who make more mistakes than others. That leads us, in turn, to ask if there is anything we can do to protect ourselves. As Benjamin Franklin famously observed, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With that in mind, in this article we’ll take a look at some positive steps to consider taking to find a good doctor and avoid medical malpractice.

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Can I Recover My Medical Expenses if Someone’s Dog Bites Me?

For many owners, these dogs become special and prized members of the family. And Oregon is no different. We witness dogs everywhere – riding like passengers in the cars around us; walking on sidewalks in subdivisions and cities; and playing in yards all around the State. Most of the time these dogs are friendly, fun-loving, and delightful. But some dogs are not so friendly and must be watched carefully by their owners to prevent them from injuring others. On some occasions, dogs have been known to “snap,” and attack humans for no reason at all. When dogs do bite or attack, make no mistake – they can inflict serious injury. When such an unfortunate event occurs, can the injured person recover medical expenses caused by the dog bite?

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