Three of America’s Most Famous Product Liability Cases

Humans learn from the times of their earliest perceptions that the world around us is full of danger. In fact, much of what our parents teach us is designed to protect us from potential harm. We learn to look both ways before crossing a street, not to accept rides from strangers and to lock the doors when we are home alone. But the last thing we expect is to suffer harm when using products for which we actually paid hard-earned money. While the government, non-profit watchdog groups, and others work diligently to help keep us safe, that work is not always enough. Sometimes, product liability lawsuits are necessary to force an industry to act in the best interests of consumers. In this article, we’ll discuss some of America’s most famous product liability cases.

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New Changes to Asbestos Regulation and How They Could Protect Americans

To be fair, the dangers of asbestos were not always known, and the benefits of its usage were notable. In its natural state, asbestos is a mineral and does not harm humans. Moreover, it is inexpensive and has useful fire and heat resistant properties. In earlier days, many manufacturers used asbestos in good faith, without the knowledge that it was causing harm. In this article, we’ll discuss some new changes to asbestos regulation and how they could protect Americans.

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Cancer Misdiagnosis - Is it Common Enough to Worry About?

According to the American Cancer Society, it is estimated that approximately 1.7 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2018 (not including most non-invasive cancers, basal cell cancer, or squamous skin cancer). The American Cancer Society further estimates that 21,520 of these new cases will occur in Oregon. Additionally, an estimated 609,640 Americans will die from cancer in 2018, averaging to 1,670 deaths each day. Of these estimated deaths, approximately 8,310 will occur in Oregon. It’s safe to say that concerns related to cancer diagnosis are real. But are there instances of cancer misdiagnosis? And if so, is it common enough to worry about? We will discuss those issues below.

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Does the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Program Make Semi-Trucks Safer on the Road?

While most people recognize and appreciate the importance of the trucking industry to a healthy economy, large trucks also contribute extra danger to society, which cannot be ignored. Thousands of people are killed and injured every year by dangerous trucks and unsafe drivers. Certainly, both federal and state governments recognize the issue, and carefully monitor and regulate the trucking industry. Nevertheless, semi-truck and other large vehicle crashes continue to take a toll on society. In this article, we will discuss the Compliance, Safety, Accountability Program instituted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and whether it is making semi-trucks safer on the road.

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When Can Someone Be Found Liable for Negligent Hiring?

A business has more than just poor performance at stake when hiring an employee – the business has an obligation to protect its customers and the public from employee dangers that it knew about, or should have known about. And when a business negligently violates its duty to others, it can be held accountable for injuries and damages caused by its negligence. In this article, we will discuss when someone can be found liable for negligent hiring.

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Is a Business Liable if I’m Assaulted On Their Premises?

Most Oregonians are blessed to live happy, enjoyable lives in relative safety. As a result of our hard work, we often find ourselves living and working in places where we feel comfortable and protected from the serious crime that threatens some locales around the state and the country. Sure, there are stories on the news about horrible crimes like assault, rape, and murder, but they seem like statistics occurring a million miles away. But sometimes, that bubble bursts.

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How Does Asbestos Litigation Work?

The dangers related to asbestos exposure have now been known and reported to the public for many decades. However, because it can take so long for mesothelioma to develop (sometimes decades), those who worked with and around asbestos can be left wondering for years if they will contract the deadly form of cancer. While some people are lucky and never become ill, others are not so fortunate. For those who become sick, finding the best doctors, paying medical bills, and taking care of the family become primary issues. It is for these reasons that holding responsible parties financially accountable for their wrongful conduct can be absolutely imperative. In this article, we will discuss how asbestos litigation works and the options that exist for those who have been harmed by asbestos exposure.  

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Does Oregon Recognize the “Sudden Emergency” Doctrine in Automobile Negligence Cases?

When people reflect on an automobile accident, a common theme is that it seemed to occur in the blink of an eye, often with little warning. Even when there is time to react, it’s often momentary, resulting in reflexive decisions rather than carefully planned strategies. The sudden reactions themselves sometimes avert an accident, but in other cases actually exacerbate the situation or cause new harm. When all is said and done, there can be wide disagreement as to who ultimately caused the accident. One contention that is sometimes raised by a party is that is that he or she was reacting to a sudden emergency. In this article, we will discuss the doctrine of sudden emergency, and its effect on automobile accident cases in Oregon.

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Famous Prescription Drugs That Turned Out to Be Dangerous

In recent years prescription drugs have proliferated at a rate never before seen. In general, this is a positive development. After all, the whole idea behind taking medication is to get well or feel better, and providing doctors with more options helps to meet those goals. As new treatments are developed for diseases and illnesses, Americans have the opportunity to live longer and healthier lives.

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How Safe is Walking for Pedestrians?

Millions of people walk the streets of America every day. Some people have no other transportation and have no choice. Others drive when they can, but still must walk to and from a parking lot, or to a restaurant at lunch. But much of this walking requires the use of sidewalks or paths beside public roads, and crossing busy intersections. Has all of this walking produced an increased awareness by drivers to be careful around pedestrians? Or is it dangerous to walk? We’ll address some of the trends in this article.

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