What are the Most Distracting Apps for Drivers?

As we’ve discussed on this blog before, distracted driving is an incredibly dangerous practice which puts everyone on the road at risk of having an accident. Unfortunately, many people still do not take the dangers of distracted driving seriously. The most common way that people drive distracted is by using their cell phone or smartphone. As smartphones have gotten more sophisticated over the last decade, countless functions and millions of apps have captured the attention of pretty much everyone. These days, people rely on their phones to communicate with their friends and families, provide directions, play music, inform them about the news, and much more.

With such a wide variety of apps and functions available, it’s been difficult for many people to put their phones down while they’re driving. It’s important to note that all drivers should take every step to minimize the number of distractions they experience while driving and focus on the road. With that said, we thought it’d be helpful to look at which apps present the greatest danger.


Snapchat is an app which allows users to send each other pictures that delete themselves after just a few seconds. For a while, teenagers and other young people seemed to use Snapchat at all times. The app even had a function which seemed to promote being used while driving. That function added a filter to pictures which displayed how fast the sender was currently traveling. There were several news stories of people who got into accidents while driving dangerously fast trying to get a higher number on their picture. Eventually, Snapchat added a disclaimer to this filter which cautioned users against sending pictures while driving. Fortunately, it wasn’t long after that that the function was removed altogether. Still, it’s best not to use Snapchat to look at pictures, take them, or send them while behind the wheel.


When PokémonGo first came out, it was a worldwide sensation. People took to the streets on foot trying to capture small creatures in an augmented reality game. Unfortunately, many people couldn’t seem to stop playing and attempted to catch rare or desirable Pokémon that they discovered while driving. Again, there were several news stories at the time of people driving irresponsibly because of the game. One person in Baltimore even crashed into a police car because they were playing. PokémonGo and other augmented reality games are best avoided while driving.


Perhaps the most common app that people use while they are driving is their messages app. Sending and receiving text messages may seem like a quick task, but it can actually distract a driver for a significant amount of time. When you send a text message or even read one, you’re taking your attention completely off the road and the act of driving. In that time, any number of things can happen. For this reason, it’s always best to put your phone down and leave it alone while you’re driving. If you absolutely have to send a text or read one, pull over to the side of the road.


Another very common type of app which distracts people while driving is navigation apps. People often enter their destination into a navigation or maps app while they’re driving. On top of that, people will look at the directions, map, or other aspects of the app which can be very distracting while they’re trying to drive. While navigation apps were intended to help people drive, they’re best used in a hand-free way. Set your destination before you leave and mount your phone or navigation device somewhere that you can see it at a glance. Your phone or navigation device should never be in your hands while you are driving. Many distracted driving laws will punish you if you’re caught with your phone in your hand.

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