Factors Insurance Companies Consider When Evaluating an Oregon Personal Injury or Auto Accident Claim – Part One – Property Damage

There are many factors insurance companies consider when deciding what to offer someone for their Oregon Personal Injury Claim . The presence or absence of these factors can sometimes be an obstacle to settlement or result in a lower offer. This blog post will discuss two common factors insurance companies often consider when evaluating a motor vehicle personal injury claim.

One of the factors insurance companies often look at when evaluating Oregon auto accident claims is the extent of property damage. While it is common knowledge in the medical field that property damage is not a good predictor of injury, the insurance industry regularly consider this.

In personal injury claims where there is low property damage to the cars, offers may be decreased. Conversely, when the property damage is great, offers may be larger than normal. It is common for adjusters and insurance defense lawyers to argue, “since there was little property damage, the injury didn’t occur or it can’t be as bad as the injured person’s doctors say it is.”

Fortunately, there is ample peer-reviewed medical literature demonstrating that human factors, not property damage, are better predictors of injury. Additionally, there are a handful of factors that can disguise the extent of the force caused in a collision. One of these examples is a trailer hitch. When a car is rear-ended on the trailer hitch, the force of the collision is directly transferred to frame of the car and then to the occupants of the car without the force absorbing effect of a bumper. This type of a collision can cause minimal damage to the car but result in significant force due to the dynamics of the crash.

Being able to confront and address these factors or having an experienced Oregon personal injury attorney do this for you will maximize your settlement offers and get you on the right track to receive a fair shake from the insurance companies.

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