Factors Insurance Companies Consider When Evaluating an Oregon Personal Injury/Auto Accident Claim – Part Four – Neck and Back Injuries, and the Feeding of Colossus

This will supply hints on how to “feed” computer programs used by insurance companies to evaluate personal injury claims. Providing value-creating medical data concerning your neck and back injuries to insurance companies, you can make sure you get the full value for your personal injury claim. Your doctors – physicians, chiropractors, and osteopaths – can help you do this. An important feature of how computer programs work is that, on seeing one of its assigned key words entered, the program automatically opens additional screens that allow input of more information that can raise a claim’s value. Conversely, these value-adding extra screens remain closed unless the program detects key words input by the adjuster, such as, for example, pain in the trans-mandibular joint (TMJ), which is recognized as a possible symptom of neck injuries. It is important that the key words are accurately documented in your medical records and accurately entered into the computer program.

For back and neck injuries, doctors must record specific treatment dates. From these, the adjuster determines the duration and quantity of treatments. This can increase or decrease the value of your claim. One example is that an adjuster is allowed to progressively devalue chiropractic visits unless they are interspersed with recurring visits to a medical doctor. If the treatment period by a chiropractor is “sandwiched” or “bookended” between medical-doctor visits, the weight of each chiropractic visit is increased.

In general, if applicable, documented symptoms of range-of-motion issues, radiating pain, and muscle spasms are the top three that will drive value for a patient’s claim following a spinal injury. But the list of value-driving symptoms is lengthy. In many cases, some specific other symptom, such as speech dysfunction or loss of balance, if applicable, could wind up being the main value producer for your case. Facts such as these are only as good as their documentation in your medical record, and only as good as the person inputting them. To get the full value for your personal injury case, you need to make sure your medical records are accurate and have been “highlighted” for the adjuster. An experienced Oregon lawyer knows how to facilitate a claims adjuster to achieve a thorough inputting of data that can add value to your claim. An experienced Oregon attorney can help you, symptom by symptom, to build maximum value for your spinal-injury case.

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