Factors Insurance Companies Consider When Evaluating an Oregon Personal Injury/Auto Accident Claim – Part Five – Whiplash

This blog addresses an injury sustained quite frequently by persons who have been in an auto collision. The cervical spine in a crash frequently is made to stretch rapidly backward, or extend, further than its normal range of extension, and in the next instant is bent rapidly forward, or flexes, further than its normal range of flexion. Whiplash medically is termed “hyperextension/hyperflexion.”
Studies show that around 83 percent of auto accident victims sustain a whiplash injury. That reflects the fact that a lengthy list of special factors – concerning a passenger’s body type, or her posture at time of impact – are known contributors to likelihood of whiplash injury.

Correspondingly, numerous special factors concerning a neck injury or a neck injury patient can be input to computer programs to increase a claim’s value. These are known generically as “factors causing serious injury” in an auto crash. One of these special factors is the simple fact of a claimant’s being a tall person. In a “stature compromise,” car seats are designed for a person around 5-foot-9 inches tall. This means that the head restraint is positioned below the center of gravity of a tall person’s head. This factor increases his risk of injury. The list of such special factors is lengthy. Pointing out these factors to an adjuster will add value to your claim.

Insurance companies, as well as doctors, consider whiplash to be an injury for which exercise is especially beneficial . Correspondingly, some computer programs credit exercise in a whiplash case. The accident victims are credited by computer programs for “active care” treatment. A blog following on this site will explicate “active care.” Information is only as good as its inputting to Colossus. It is important that all of these factors are brought to the attention of the adjuster in order to receive full value for your personal injury claim. An experienced Oregon attorney knows how to facilitate a claims adjuster to make a thorough inputting of data that can add value to your claim. An experienced Oregon personal injury attorney is familiar with the entire range of “credit-producing” actions a claimant should take to increase value for her claim.

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