Do Natural Disasters Increase the Risk of Mesothelioma?

Although it’s now commonly known that exposure to asbestos can lead to mesothelioma, a deadly and incurable form of cancer, asbestos can still be found in many older homes and buildings. In fact, as we’ve discussed on this blog before, asbestos hasn’t been totally banned. While the use of asbestos is heavily regulated, there are some circumstances where people might be inadvertently exposed to the dangerous mineral. One such circumstance is a natural disaster. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, are responsible for a great deal of structural damage. When this structural damage occurs, there is a potential for asbestos fibers to be released into the air. In this blog, we’ll discuss the relationship between asbestos and natural disasters, as well as the precautions that should be taken in the event of a natural disaster.

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What are the Most Common Ways People Drive Distracted?

As we’ve discussed on this blog before, distracted driving is an incredibly dangerous behavior that is responsible for many traffic accidents and fatalities each year. When people talk about distracted driving, they’re typically referring to texting and driving, although distracted driving is broadly defined as any activity undertaken while driving that takes a driver’s attention off the road. This means that on top of texting while driving, distracted driving encompasses activities such as changing the music in the car, adjusting the GPS, applying makeup, and even just zoning out or talking to passengers. Because there are so many potential distractions for drivers, we thought it’d be helpful to go over some of the most common forms of distracted driving so that responsible drivers know which practices they should be avoiding.

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Is the Number of Semi-Truck Accidents Going Down?

Americans in general, and Oregonians in particular, are blessed to live in a time filled with fascinating scientific advancements and technological marvels that our ancestors could not have imagined. In fact, with smart phones, GPS, Fitbits, cloning, stealth jets, medical break-throughs, text messaging, and the completion of the human genome project, our current society would probably look like a science fiction movie to generations of the past. Plus, we are now entering an era in which cars and semi-trucks can drive themselves. While innovation and technology often improve safety, the opposite can sometimes be true. For example, texting a friend overseas through a smart phone application is an amazing convenience, but can be a dangerous distraction if done while driving. Over the years, a number of technologies, innovations, and regulations have been implemented to address safety on the roadways. In this article, we will consider whether the number of semi-truck accidents is going down in Oregon and the United States.

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Is There Hope for A Cure for Mesothelioma?

For decades, simply hearing the word “cancer” has been a source of fear and anxiety for many, especially those with either a family history of cancer, or those who have been exposed to cancer-causing agents, such as asbestos. It’s completely understandable, given that historically a diagnosis of cancer carried such dire consequences. Fortunately, in the modern era of science and medicine, researchers and doctors have made great strides in both prevention and treatment of many forms of cancer. This also provides much needed hope to those who suffer from forms of cancer, such as mesothelioma, which are currently considered incurable. But even if mesothelioma currently cannot be cured, is there hope for a cure in the future? And just as importantly, are there treatments that can improve the quality of life for those suffering from mesothelioma? 

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Does the Overprescription Of Opioids Rise to The Level of Medical Malpractice?

If there had been any doubt before, it is clear now that America’s opioid epidemic has assumed a prominent place in the nation’s consciousness. While issues began to arise years ago, most would agree that much time passed before average Americans understood the extent of the problem. Now, television, print, and internet media cover the issue daily. The government has taken an active role in seeking solutions to address the problem. Cities, counties, and States have filed suits against pharmaceutical companies. Forty-one States have joined forces to investigate pharmaceutical companies and their role in the crisis, and on March 29, 2017 President Trump issued an Executive Order that established the President’s Commission on combating drug addiction and the Opioid Crisis. But many people are also taking a close look at the medical profession and its role in both creating and perpetuating the crisis. In this article, we will consider whether the overprescription of opioids can rise to the level of malpractice. 

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When Can’t You File a Wrongful Death Claim?

It has often been said that “death is a part of life,” and certainly everyone eventually passes away. But the phrase also suggests that dealing with death, whether our own or that of a loved one, is a part of our life journey. For those who lose a loved one too early, the journey can be painful. When the loss results from the unnecessary negligent or intentional acts of another, the loss can be excruciatingly painful. Society seeks to limit these needless deaths through a legal framework designed to hold the wrongdoers accountable for their actions. In this article we will discuss wrongful death claims, and examine some circumstances when a wrongful death lawsuit is not appropriate.

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How is Medical Malpractice Different in the US?

Around the world, people rely on doctors and hospitals to make them well when they are injured or get sick. Unfortunately, doctors and other medical staff occasionally make mistakes which can have serious consequences for patients. When these mistakes cause an injury, and are made because a medical professional deviated from accepted norms of practices, it’s referred to as medical malpractice.

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Is Texting While Driving More Dangerous than Drunk Driving?

Although the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol are well-known, drunk driving is still responsible for about 10,000 traffic fatalities per year in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control, alcohol is a factor in one out of three motor vehicle deaths. Though it wasn’t always the case, drunk driving is now appropriately seen as an extremely irresponsible and dangerous act. Now, some experts are saying that distracted driving may be even riskier than drunk driving. It’s important to understand the dangers of drunk driving and distracted driving, so that we can take steps as a society to make the roads safer and reduce the number of auto accidents. 

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How Do I Find Out About Product Recalls Before It’s Too Late?

It seems like product recalls become more and more common as time goes by. From food to high chairs, toys, cosmetics, or automobiles, nothing seems to be exempt. Manufacturers, whether trying to protect customers, their own reputations, complying with the law, or a combination of all of these factors, find themselves sometimes recalling relatively few products all the way up to millions of units of product. But one thing is clear – manufacturers owe a duty to consumers to provide safe products and to properly deal with dangerous defects when they learn of them, even if the product has already been sold. Failure to recall dangerous products when appropriate to do so, which leads to injury, can result in manufacturer liability. Holding manufacturers accountable for such behavior is necessary to protect all consumers.

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How Much Are New Safety Features in Cars Actually Improving Safety?

Americans have long enjoyed a love affair with the automobile, often associating cars with a personal sense of style and freedom. Cars allow us to enjoy the pleasures of travel with an ease that could not have been imagined before their invention. Motor vehicles also provide numerous benefits to society. Professionals and laborers alike can offer their services in a wider geographical area. Many types of vehicles, including automobiles and semi-trucks, are instrumental in commerce, traversing both Oregon and the United States. However, there is, unfortunately, also a negative side. Thousands of deaths and injuries occur every year as a result of automobile crashes. Through the years, as the power of automobile engines increased, so did the ability to travel at higher speeds, sometimes resulting in dangerous collisions. Luckily, steps have been taken to improve car safety. In this article, we will explore some of these improvements and look at whether they have actually helped improve personal safety.

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