Mesothelioma & Construction Workers

In many ways, construction workers are unsung heroes in the American economy. Some perform back-breaking physical labor while constructing the homes in which we live and the commercial buildings in which we work. Some are highly-trained craftsmen, creating beauty that will be enjoyed for years to come. And construction workers enter into their jobs with the full knowledge that the hours are long and that the work is exhausting and difficult.

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Does Oregon Law Recognize Claims for Wrongful Birth or Wrongful Life?

For most families, news of pregnancy, followed by the birth of a child, are both causes for celebration. But pregnancy, birth, and childhood don’t always have a storybook ending. Sometimes a child is born with a horrible disease or birth defect. Sometimes pregnancy and the birthing process cause great harm to the mother. Some of these results are an unpredictable and unfortunate part of life. But in some cases, the outcome was predictable, and might have been prevented, had the decision maker been properly provided with all the relevant facts. In such cases, what kinds of claims does Oregon recognize?

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What Rules Do Truck Drivers Have to Follow in Oregon?

Sometimes life seems to be one series of rules after another. From early childhood our parents start setting boundaries. In school, principals and teachers set parameters for our behavior. Spiritual people often choose to follow a set of religious tenets. In social interactions, all of society sets mores for acceptable behavior. Even in the workforce, whether we are lawyers, firefighters, accountants, welders, healthcare professionals, or anything in between, many of us must adhere to professional and occupational standards. While it may seem somewhat restricting at first blush, when we step back and think about it, there is a good reason for all of these rules. They help protect us all from wrongdoing and make society safer. And truck drivers are no different – there are many rules they are required to follow. In fact, due to the extreme harm that can be inflicted by semi-trucks in accidents, truck driving is a highly regulated activity.

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Can You Sue Doctors in Other Countries for Medical Malpractice?

With constant improvements in transportation technology, along with massive decreases in the cost of international travel, the old saying that “the world is getting smaller” is truer than ever before. The wealthy have long enjoyed the benefits of international travel, but now “average” Americans can easily travel, too. Moreover, companies like SpaceX and Boeing envision a future in which you can travel almost anywhere in the world in less than an hour.While such an idea once sounded like pure science fiction, it would present enormous opportunities in business, leisure, and medicine. Imagine, someone with a rare disease or medical condition could quickly travel anywhere in the world to obtain the best treatment option. In fact, this is already occurring, as people travel to numerous places for both medical and dental treatment. But, as we all know, sometimes medical treatment goes wrong, and this raises an interesting question. Can you sue doctors in other countries for medical malpractice?

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Are Ride Sharing Companies Responsible for Deaths Their Drivers (or Self-Driving Cars) Cause?

Technology has brought lots of changes to the marketplace, both in Oregon and across the United States. With peer-to-peer sharing services, we can search on an app and within minutes rent a room, a home, or perhaps even a castle, almost anywhere in the world. When we depart for our vacation, we can leave our pets safe and sound in the home of a pet lover we discovered online. And, of course, when we need a ride, ride-sharing (some prefer the term “ride-hailing”) services like Lyft and Uber can meet our transportation needs. These companies offer many benefits, including lower cost and the convenience of quickly booking the service directly from our smart devices. Unfortunately, however, technological change sometimes occurs so quickly that the law needs time to catch up. For example, taxis have been regulated for decades, and have rules in place to protect passengers. On the other hand, there are sometimes gaps in the regulations for ride-sharing companies. So, what happens when ride sharing drivers or self-driving cars cause deaths and injuries?

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What Happens if My Car is Recalled After I’ve Been in an Accident?

Our lives are often so busy that the last thing that we think we want to see in the mailbox is a recall notice for our car or truck. It can seem as though we’ve just received one more chore to add to the list. But the truth is, we should actually consider ourselves lucky when we learn of the existence of a problem before someone suffers an injury. Unfortunately, though, sometimes the recall notice doesn’t come quickly enough and the dangerous defect has already done its damage. In this article, we will discuss the recall process and how it should be handled.

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How is Medical Malpractice Determined for High-Risk Procedures?

Advancements in technology and medicine continue to create numerous societal benefits, including longer and healthier life spans, better quality of life, and more and better treatment options for disease and injury. In fact, some medical procedures that were once considered very dangerous are now considered routine.However, while we appreciate all the advancements made in medicine, some surgeries still come with very high risk. Moreover, in addition to the risk inherent in the medical procedure, there is the added risk from the possibility of medical negligence. Even if everything else goes according to plan, great harm can result from medical malpractice. In this article, we will discuss how medical malpractice is determined for high-risk procedures.

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Mesothelioma and Dock Workers

For centuries, dockworkers around the world have performed roles crucial to industry. In the United States these workers, sometimes called stevedores or longshoremen, share a long and proud history. They are responsible for performing tasks on port docks and for loading and unloading ships. When you consider that approximately 90% of today’s goods are transported at least partially by ship, its apparent that dockworkers have an incredible impact on commerce.

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What Lanes Are Semi-Trucks Allowed to Use?

As we’ve discussed on this blog before, semi-trucks present a unique danger to other drivers and pedestrians on American roads. The sheer size of a semi-truck means that even the most minor accident could have potentially deadly consequences, usually for the driver or other occupants of a passenger vehicle. Because of the danger that semi-trucks present to other drivers, there are many laws in place which dictate how they must drive, how they should be loaded, and how often they must be maintained and evaluated. In many states, semi-trucks and other large vehicles are prohibited from driving in the left lane of any two-lane highway or road.

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How Can I Avoid Medical Malpractice?

Going to the hospital can be an incredibly scary experience. Whether or not you know what the cause of your problems is, seeking medical treatment comes with a fair bit of uncertainty. Say, for example, you’ve been in a minor car accident, and you’re not sure if you’ve had a concussion. The symptoms that bring you to a hospital or doctor’s office often require tests, treatments, consultations, and more before you are diagnosed, treated, and discharged. On top of all of that, you might worry about doctors that seem distracted, indifferent, inexperienced, etc. We trust medical professionals to make us well when we’re sick or injured, but stories of medical malpractice are unfortunately as common as they are terrifying. Rest assured, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself from medical malpractice.

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