How Should I Proceed If I’ve Been Involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

Historically, many Americans have had love affairs with their motorcycles. Moreover, for those who have never owned a bike, many have fantasized about doing so. After all, a motorcycle represents much more than transportation – for some it’s a form of freedom; for others there’s a rush of adrenaline; and some riders feel a special connection to the outdoors and the environment around them. And here in Oregon, with so many beautiful and amazing landscapes to enjoy, it’s not surprising that may Oregonians own and enjoy motorcycles. Unfortunately, accidents can and do occur, and the results can be devastating. In this article we’ll discuss some steps to consider taking if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident.

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What Are Common Symptoms and Effects From Asbestos Exposure?

American industry prospered for many decades by earning enormous profits using and selling products containing asbestos. And to be fair, many companies were initially unaware of the negative health consequences caused by exposure to the substance. Some companies, on the other hand, acted in a far more sinister manner, hiding their knowledge of the dangers of asbestos exposure from both employees and customers. Fortunately, the dangers of asbestos are now well-known, and important safeguards have been implemented to help protect those who are still exposed. In this article, we will discuss some common effects of long-term exposure to asbestos, along with symptoms.

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What Are the Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries a Person Can Receive in an Auto or Semi-Truck Accident?

Although its difficult, if not impossible, to rate one type of injury as worse than another, its undeniable that brain injuries can cause some of the most debilitating consequences imaginable. In this article, we’ll discuss brain injury in general, and specifically address the types of traumatic brain injury a person can receive in an accident with a car or tractor-trailer truck.

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Tips for Finding the Right Doctor and Avoiding Medical Malpractice

While we are thankful that most doctors perform their services with great care and professionalism, there are some who make more mistakes than others. That leads us, in turn, to ask if there is anything we can do to protect ourselves. As Benjamin Franklin famously observed, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With that in mind, in this article we’ll take a look at some positive steps to consider taking to find a good doctor and avoid medical malpractice.

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Can I Recover My Medical Expenses if Someone’s Dog Bites Me?

For many owners, these dogs become special and prized members of the family. And Oregon is no different. We witness dogs everywhere – riding like passengers in the cars around us; walking on sidewalks in subdivisions and cities; and playing in yards all around the State. Most of the time these dogs are friendly, fun-loving, and delightful. But some dogs are not so friendly and must be watched carefully by their owners to prevent them from injuring others. On some occasions, dogs have been known to “snap,” and attack humans for no reason at all. When dogs do bite or attack, make no mistake – they can inflict serious injury. When such an unfortunate event occurs, can the injured person recover medical expenses caused by the dog bite?

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Is Mesothelioma the Only Thing I Have to Worry About If I’ve Been Exposed to Asbestos?

The link between asbestos and disease is well-accepted by the scientific and medical communities. In fact, due to efforts on many fronts to educate those vulnerable to harm, more and more people understand the risks and take steps to protect themselves. Moreover, many people have now heard of mesothelioma, even if they don’t have a full understanding of the disease. But for those who have suffered long-term asbestos exposure, is mesothelioma the only thing they have to worry about?

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What Is Discovery and Do I Have to Worry About It In a Personal Injury Case?

If you have ever been involved in the litigation process, or even around someone else who has, you may have heard references to “discovery” or “the discovery process.” But what does it really mean, and do you have to worry about it in a personal injury case? In this article, we will answer your discovery questions.

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What Happens If I Have an Accident with a Drunk Driver?

Even those who consume alcohol generally appreciate the importance of moderation. And in those cases where a person overindulges, we have come to better understand the importance of not driving. But sometimes poor judgment prevails and intoxicated people get behind the wheel, often causing horrific harm. So, what happens if you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver?

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Can Semi-Truck Drivers Stay on the Road After Multiple Accidents?

Lots of things in life take practice, and making mistakes is a natural part of human existence. Teachers make students do things again and again until they get it right. Successful people will often tell you that they learned the most from their failures. But some failures are costlier than others. It’s one thing to fail a test in school, or to lose money at one’s first effort at running a business. But it’s quite a different thing when failure can result in physical harm and death to innocent third parties.

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Should I Buy a Dash Cam in Case of an Accident?

Cameras have become more and more prevalent in society. It seems that we constantly see disputes replayed on the evening news. Sometimes these disputes are between police and someone being arrested, tasered, or shot. Other times private citizens are engaged in quarrels, confrontations, or fights. We see videos of crooks smashing windows, running through a store front, and grabbing valuable merchandise. Some videos are light-hearted and capture humorous moments. Some videos go viral because they seem almost surreal - cars careening into buildings, through fences, or into telephone poles. In a more benign manner, many drivers now use backup and side cameras to safely move their cars with greater safety than they ever could before. And small, portable, easily mountable cameras have become more popular than ever. People place them on their heads, their bikes, and of course, on the dashboards of their cars. So, in this era of technological innovation, should drivers buy dashboard and other cameras for their cars?

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