The Current Status of Opioid Litigation in America

Many believe that the legal system must play an important role in holding actors accountable for wrongful behavior which has caused or exacerbated the opioid crisis. In some instances, this includes personal injury recovery for medical malpractice. In this article, we’ll discuss the depth of the problem and what role litigation plays.

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The Dangers of Running Red Lights

We’ve all seen people run red lights. In fact, most of us have been guilty of doing it a time or two ourselves. In most instances, no harm results - but in others, horrible crashes occur, resulting in personal injury and possibly even death.

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Is Mediation a Good Option in a Personal Injury Case?

Mediation can be an effective tool to resolve litigation. It’s a chance for parties to “captain their own ship” by settling their case. And if a settlement isn’t reached, the case can continue through the litigation process.

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Why is the Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer So Low?

Whether you’re dealing with another driver’s liability carrier or your own uninsured motorist provider, a common question (or complaint) we hear about personal injury cases is, “Why is the insurance company’s settlement offer so low?” In this article, we’ll provide some possible answers.

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Can an EMT or Paramedic be Liable for Death or Injury?

There’s no doubt that EMTs and paramedics provide a service to society that saves and improves many lives. But what happens when an EMT or paramedic makes a mistake that causes injury or leads to another person’s death? Can the person be held liable?

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What Happens if I’m Injured in a Boating Accident?

As with all activities, there are some in the boating public who refuse to take seriously their safety obligations to society. Unfortunately, when boat drivers behave unsafely, people get hurt. So what happens if you are injured in a boating accident?

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The Role of Medical Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

In civil cases, such as personal injury claims, the plaintiff has the burden of proof. While the government must prove a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt, it’s the plaintiff who must prove a civil case by a preponderance of the evidence. Sometimes, that evidence is medical.

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How Many Types of Asbestos Exist and How Are They Different?

“Asbestos” is a term most adults have heard in Oregon and across the United States. Even those who don’t know exactly what the substance is or how it is used in industry have read news stories or seen television commercials mentioning asbestos and mesothelioma. So, what exactly is asbestos and does it come in only one form? We’ll answer those questions in this article.

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Is It Dangerous to Drive While Talking On the Phone?

Some people routinely ignore the law and do what they find to be convenient. Other drivers try to be mindful of the rules of the road, but make exceptions based upon their circumstances. After all, most people have experienced hectic days that could include picking up kids, running errands, working, and attending to so many obligations that time starts to run short. A quick phone call from the car suddenly seems like a real time saver. So, is it really any more dangerous to drive while talking on the phone? We’ll answer that question in this article.

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Four Notable Medical Device Recalls

Technology, hard work, and creativity have combined to produce medical devices that can improve, prolong, and even save our lives. Unfortunately, there have also been instances where medical devices caused great harm or have even been recalled based upon the fear of causing future harm. In this article, we will discuss four notable medical device failures, resulting in recalls.


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