How Can Cargo Tank Truck Rollovers Be Prevented?

An amazingly efficient transportation network and supply chain is the backbone of the United States economy. While many goods spend time on ships and trains, the vast majority of products we purchase spend at least part of their journey in semi-trucks.

Not surprisingly, different types of trucks have safety issues unique to the design and functioning of the particular vehicle. In this article, we will focus on cargo tank trucks and discuss ways in which rollovers can be prevented.

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Military Buildings and Asbestos Exposure

When we imagine the dangers faced by military personnel, it is natural to think of enemy weapons of war. It’s unlikely people worry about asbestos exposure.

In this article, we will discuss the reality of military buildings and asbestos exposure of military veterans. Some have already developed mesothelioma and other diseases as a result. Others are still at risk.

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I’m Afraid to Go to Court - Should I Accept the Insurer’s Offer?

If you have a fear of going to court, you’re not alone. Almost all litigants find involvement in the legal system to be stressful. In this article, we’ll explain how you can reduce your fear of the court system and why you should at least give us a call and get all of your questions answered before even considering settlement of your personal injury case.

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Liability for Improper Use of Restraints in Oregon Nursing Homes

When our loved ones live in nursing homes, we expect them to be cared for within the standards set by law, and to be treated ethically and with dignity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen. One violation that occurs far too often is the improper use of restraints. In this article, we’ll consider liability for such behavior.

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What Can Make Semi-Truck Brakes Fail?

Few things seem scarier than an 18-wheeler speeding down the road or coming up behind us with impaired brakes. Unfortunately, it actually happens. In this article, we will examine issues that sometimes cause semi-truck braking failures.

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The Historical Presence of Asbestos in Oregon

It’s often not appreciated that the people of Oregon have endured more than their fair share of death and illness related to asbestos. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Oregon’s historical ties to asbestos.

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Who’s Liable in Oregon for Accidents Involving Electric Scooters?

Accidents involving electric scooters occur in a number of different ways, which leads us to the question presented by this article: Who’s liable in Oregon for accidents involving electric scooters?

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Medical Malpractice Arising from Surgical Errors

Sometimes, unfortunately, doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes that actually result in greater harm, ranging from painful personal injury to wrongful death. In this article, we’ll discuss medical malpractice arising from surgical errors.

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Can I Sue the State of Oregon for Personal Injuries?

Every sector employs hard-working people, but they can make mistakes like everyone else. State employees drive cars and trucks and sometimes cause crashes that result in personal injuries or death. Healthcare workers sometimes act negligently and commit medical malpractice. Employees operating physical facilities can make mistakes that cause members of the public to slip and fall. These and other situations can raise the question addressed by this article - can a victim sue the state of Oregon for personal injuries?

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Does Improper Loading Lead to Semi-Truck Accidents?

Maintaining safety with a tractor-trailer truck is more complicated than safely driving a passenger automobile. That brings us to the topic of this article: Does improper loading lead to semi-truck accidents?

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