What Happens if I’m Physically Disabled as a Result of Personal Injuries from a Motor Vehicle Accident?

What happens if a person is physically disabled as a result of a motor vehicle accident? In this blog, we'll explore the legal meaning of disability as well as some of the options for recourse available to victims.

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Tips for Safe Summertime Swimming

As enjoyable as the water can be, it also brings great danger. A swimmer can find him- or herself in distress in the blink of an eye. Small children and infants can drown in only inches of water. Therefore, it’s imperative to exercise safety precautions when swimming and enjoying the water. We will share some tips for safe summertime swimming in this article.

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I Have a History of Asbestos Exposure - Now What?

Is every instance of exposure to asbestos dangerous? That’s a question many people have asked over the years after learning about mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. In this article, we’ll discuss the dangers of asbestos and who faces the greatest risk of harm.

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How Delay in Hiring a Lawyer Can Harm Your Personal Injury Case

Sometimes, procrastinating can be harmful. Failure to seek medical care for disease or illness is a perfect example. A circumstance which is perhaps less obvious is to put off hiring a lawyer after sustaining a personal injury due to the negligence of another. In this article, we’ll explain a number of ways in which delay in hiring an attorney can harm a personal injury victim.

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How Common is Drowsy Driving?

Being tired doesn’t necessarily make one a poor driver, but what if drowsiness sets in? In fact, most people would probably admit to driving while drowsy at least once or twice, maybe more. But how often does it occur, and how dangerous is it? We’ll explore the answers in this blog.

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Common Causes for Falls and Injuries in Grocery Stores

Very few people would think of grocery shopping as a dangerous activity. Unfortunately, people do sometimes fall down and sustain serious personal injuries while shopping for groceries. In this article, we will discuss some common causes of falls and injuries in grocery stores.

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How Common Are School Bus Accidents?

How common are school bus accidents? Is it something a parent really needs to worry about? And are the riders on the bus the only people that suffer personal injuries and death? We’ll address those questions in this article.

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Rear-End Collisions and Resulting Neck and Back Injuries

No matter how carefully we drive, others who drive poorly can create dangerous situations from which we cannot escape. This is especially true with rear-end collisions. One might be sitting still at a traffic signal or driving slowly due to traffic conditions when they are suddenly struck from behind without warning. In this article, we will talk about rear-end collisions and some of the resulting injuries they cause.

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Strategies for Protecting Teen Drivers

There are more automobiles and semi-trucks on the roads today than ever before. Even small automobiles have sufficient power to travel at very high rates of speed. It’s natural to worry that young drivers will be easily distracted or that they will encounter dangerous situations for which they are not prepared. In this article, we’ll discuss the dangers of teen drivers and some strategies for dealing with these dangers.

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Pursuing a Roundup Weedkiller Lawsuit

Anyone exposed to Roundup within the last decade can look into pursuing a case. People directly exposed to the weedkiller have an increased risk of contracting blood and lymphatic cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and may have a claim.

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