Driverless Cars – What Could Intervene to Prevent a Switch to Driverless?

Americans love hearing predictions of big technology advances that will change the world.  In the 1950s, “The Jetsons,” a popular TV cartoon, caused widespread belief that by the ‘80s, everyone would travel by personal mini-copter.

But, many things intervened that prevented the coming-true of the mini-copter prediction.  It is quite possible some of these factors will intervene against the coming of the driverless car.  What are they?


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Driverless Cars – Moral and Environmental Impacts

The Family:

Over decades, the auto inserted itself into the dynamic of a typical American family.  Aside from a child’s first day of kindergarten and first day of high school, his or her 16th birthday – licensing age for drivers – in many cases has been the most important day of growing up.

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Driverless Cars: The Impact to Oregon’s Legal System?

For the following multiple-choice question, “Do you think there are too many lawsuits, or too few, or just right?” a majority of people answer, “Too many.”  With driverless vehicles, there would be fewer injuries, resulting in fewer Oregon personal injury claims, fewer DUIs, fewer suspended licenses, fewer auto related crimes, and fewer traffic tickets mainly in bigger cities such as Portland, Corvallis, and Albany.  With that change you would see the burden on the court system lessened, the revenue from criminal fees decreased, a

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Driverless Cars – Transformation of the Workforce

Widespread adoption of driverless cars will undoubtedly affect the American workforce.  Some industries, such as trucking, could go entirely or mostly driverless.  That would drive down the jobs open at truck stops that serve truck drivers and cut jobs for truck drivers themselves.  With fewer collisions among driverless vehicles, auto-body-repair shops would lose customers and might be forced into layoffs of employees or outright shutdowns.  Insurance adjusters would decrease.  Numbers of cab drivers and bus drivers would dwindle.

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Driverless Cars: Impact to Your Family Budget

A driverless world forecasts to save people money. Seemingly everywhere you cast a reading eye -- news articles, web sites, advertisements – the benefits of a driverless world are touted. To most people, these benefits are very appealing. For example, you should be able to save $1,000 a year on a family’s auto insurance, pay lower grocery bills, and enjoy increased fuel economy.

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Driverless Cars: The Beginning of Internet of Things

It is often said that driverless cars are the next big thing. The cars will operate using sophisticated software designed to sense objects in a car’s path, allow communication between in-car computers, and even brake and steer around unexpected hazards. 

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Take Advantage of Oregon's Law: SB 411 Auto Insurance Benefits

Oregon SB 411 – the auto insurance policy legislation – went into effect January 2, 2016, allowing you, as an auto insurance consumer, to collect on all the coverage you thought you had been paying for.  Starting this month, you will receive up to the full amount of uninsured motorist coverage (and underinsured coverage) if you are injured by an at-fault, uninsured driver.  This means more protection for you and your family.

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How Being Careful May Help During an Auto Accident Lawsuit

We might be inclined to say most people are careful, or to say most people are careless.  Either implies we readily understand the words.  And yet a juror may find himself struggling when asked to assign fault – carelessness, negligence – in a personal injury case.

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Drunk Driving Accidents - The Juror's Burden

One hears about a person who served on a jury saying, “That case wrung me out.”

Why did the person say this? Was it the hours of deliberation, coffee and sandwiches, the give-and-take of opinions, criticisms, and outbursts of frustration? Yes, all of this is one possible reason. Or was it the hours ofconcentration in court, note-taking, listening, getting a feel for a position, and then minutes later being whooshed in an opposite direction by another juror trying to discredit that position?

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How to be a Good Juror?

Many people envision themselves being on a jury.  In the heyday of Perry Mason, the idea was probably a pleasant one – the privilege of serving justice.

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