What Does Insurance Cover in an Auto Accident?

Our previous blog posting discussed the types and amounts of insurance that Oregon law requires automobile owners to purchase in order to legally operate a vehicle. This article examines in greater detail what the required insurance covers in the event of an automobile accident.

Damage to Your Automobile

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The Ins & Outs of Car Insurance in Oregon

People in automobile accidents suffer a variety of losses, some with significant financial consequences. Damaged vehicles can be expensive to repair or replace and the cost of medical treatment for serious injuries can be astronomical. Bodily injury from an accident may prevent someone from working, thereby creating temporary or permanent loss of wages. Finally, injuries may cause either temporary disability/impairment, permanent disability/impairment, or both.

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What Questions Should I Ask a Lawyer During an Initial Consultation?

Although bringing anything and everything that’s relevant to your case to an initial consultation is important, many people often overlook an equally important aspect of preparation: coming prepared with any questions they may have concerning their case. For this reason, it’s important to show up with a list of questions you may have for your lawyer, along with some idea of the answers you expect, or hope, to receive. While most think of a consultation as a chance for a lawyer to assess the quality of their case, it’s also a chance to assess the quality of the lawyer. With that in mind, here are some good questions to ask a lawyer during an initial consultation.

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How Can I Prove Medical Malpractice?

Most Americans have tremendous respect for medical doctors, hospitals, nurses, and many others involved in the health care system. These medical care providers are typically well-trained, well-intentioned, and provide valuable services to society. However, mistakes by medical professionals can produce catastrophic harm to victims. Fortunately, the law balances these important interests by holding medical care providers responsible when they negligently cause injury – just like anyone else in Oregon.

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Attorney Who Only Gets Paid If I Win?

Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever required the services of an attorney, you probably know the many different ways lawyers charge their clients. Some prefer hourly rates, while others opt for a contingency fee. With contingency fees, the lawyer doesn’t collect a fee unless the client wins the case. If the lawyer wins the case on your behalf, and are working on a contingency fee basis, they then have access to a percentage of your award.

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Do Nursing Homes Have Special Legal Protection?

Nursing homes provide essential services to Americans in need, including assistance with daily activities, personal care, and medication. Statistics show that more than 40 percent of the U.S. population older than 65 will live in a nursing home before death. While it is a difficult decision to allow a loved one to enter a nursing home, many of us face a time when we can no longer meet the needs of an elderly or dependent family member at home. Needless to say, people needing these services represent some of the most vulnerable members of society.

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Can I Get Compensation for Emotional Harm After a Car Accident?

Most people who are injured in an automobile accident know they’re entitled to recover compensation from a negligent driver their physical injuries. However, anyone who has suffered serious personal injury in an automobile accident understands that emotional damage and loss of enjoyment of life can be just as traumatic as their physical injury, and sometimes can last much longer. Fortunately, over time society has become more accepting of damages for emotional and other “noneconomic” forms of loss.

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I Was Just in a Car Accident: What Should I Do?

Whether seriously injured or not, almost everyone involved in an automobile collision experiences strong feelings and emotions at the time of the event, such as anxiety, fear, shock, and worry. Therefore, it’s wise to consider in advance a plan of action to follow in the unfortunate event of an automobile accident.

At the Scene of the Accident

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How Do I Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me?

There are many reasons why you might be interested in contacting a personal injury lawyer. Whether you or someone you know has been involved in an accident, has missed work due to an injury, or are facing medical bills or property damage as a result of someone else’s careless actions, personal injury lawyers are an invaluable part of resolving your issues. It’s important to know that personal injury claims in Oregon generally have a two-year statute of limitations, so if you’re thinking about finding a personal injury lawyer, you shouldn’t hesitate.

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Are Lawyer Consultations Free?

Some situations in life require the assistance of an attorney, and finding the right lawyer to represent you is essential to obtain peace of mind and a good outcome – especially if your case goes to court. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money necessary to schedule meetings with different attorneys to determine which one best fits their case. In this scenario, your first question is probably, “Are lawyer consultations free?”

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