When Common Sense Makes No Sense At All in Personal Injury Cases

Over the past decade, we have seen numerous instances when insurance companies and their representatives refuse to negotiate on personal injury claims, arguing that our client must not have been injured because the property damage to their vehicle was minimal. This frequently happens in rear-end collisions.

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How Do I Choose an Oregon Personal Injury Law Firm?

From time to time, I thumb through the yellow pages or surf through web pages of lawyers who advertise for clients who have personal injury claims. And, of course, there is always the television commercial of a law firm that pops up from time to time on a local channel. I often wonder how someone who has never hired an attorney sorts through this maze of information.

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Advice for Personal Injury Claims in Oregon

There are numerous things that can, and will, be important to each personal injury claim. There are, however, two things we tell every prospective client about their claim. While certain information may apply to different types of claims, these two bits of information apply to all Oregon personal injury cases.

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