Medical Malpractice in Oregon

Every day health care professionals play an important role in the well-being of our citizens in Oregon and across the United States. Dedicated doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other practitioners work hard to help us maintain optimal health, whether treating acute issues, chronic problems, or providing emergency care. It’s difficult to overstate the value of professionally-delivered health care. Unfortunately, we also know that every day there are health care professionals who provide a deficient level of care which fails to meet the standards set by the law and by society. The results of this deficient care can cause tragic harm, and even death, to patients. The best way society can discourage negligent performance by all professionals is to hold them accountable for their wrongful conduct. In this article, we will discuss medical malpractice and compare the rates at which it occurs in Oregon to rates at which it occurs around the country.

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Will Asbestos Ever Be Completely Banned?

Asbestos has a long, interesting – and ultimately tragic – history in the United States. Historically, asbestos has been used around the world for hundreds of years in a variety of products. Numerous societies discovered that asbestos has a number of useful physical properties. For example, it has tremendous tensile strength and is electrical and thermal resistant. It has also been greatly valued by industry because it is non-flammable. But a darker side developed – people started to become ill from long-term exposure to asbestos fibers. In fact, a great number of us are now aware of the potential harmful effects caused by asbestos, including mesothelioma. The law has evolved, although sometimes slowly, to help protect society from unreasonable dangers of asbestos. But have we done enough? Many are surprised to learn that asbestos has not been completely banned and that it is still used in numerous products to this day. This begs the question: Will asbestos ever be completely banned?

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The Future of the Semi-Truck Industry

For decades, the commercial trucking industry has been crucial to the American economy. Without the millions of semi-trucks on the road, major retail chains, manufacturers, and countless other businesses simply wouldn’t be able to operate. Though semi-trucks do often present a danger on America’s highways, their importance to our society cannot be denied. Like all aspects of the economy, however, semi-trucks and the ways that they are used are subject to change. New developments in trucking technology, as well as changes in the ways that products move around, guarantee that the future of the semi-truck industry will be very different from the way it exists today.

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How to Find Out if Your Doctor has Malpractice Claims

If you’re looking for a new doctor, or are simply curious about your current doctor, you might want to know if they’ve had a medical malpractice claim filed against them. In this blog, we’ll discuss several ways you can find out about any malpractice claims against your doctor or prospective doctor. We’ll also discuss what it might mean if they have had a claim filed against them, had several claims filed against them, or none. It’s incredibly important to stay informed, especially when it comes to seeking out quality health care. 

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Asbestos and Other Common Occupational Hazards

Most Americans spend a substantial portion of their lives at work. Thus, it stands to reason that workplace safety is an issue of enormous concern for workers. It’s hard to deny that early in our history, employers had limited regard for issues of worker safety. Thankfully, both the law and societal opinion have evolved, establishing workplace safety as an important objective. Notwithstanding these improvements, there are still many instances when employers fail to adequately protect employees, or when third parties act wrongfully and cause harm to employees. Fortunately, the law now protects workers and provides methods by which they can hold wrongdoers accountable.

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Will Uber Freight Make Commercial Trucking More or Less Safe?

By now, almost everyone knows what a game-changer Uber turned out to be in the taxi industry. Through the creation of a simple-to-use smart phone application, Uber disrupted an entire industry with ride-sharing technology that matches customers with available drivers. As a result, customers who once paid hefty taxi fares can often find a much cheaper transportation alternative. Now, Uber is expanding into the commercial trucking industry with a service called “Uber Freight.” Considering Uber’s impact on the taxi industry, along with the many reports of high-profile ups and downs of Uber’s management, many people wonder how the service will affect the trucking industry, and whether Uber Freight will make commercial trucking more or less safe.

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The Dangers of Safe Asbestos Use

In the past, the dangers of asbestos were often carefully concealed from workers and others who were routinely exposed to the substance. Fortunately, through the bravery and hard work of mesothelioma victims, along with the assistance of their lawyers and the court system, many wrongdoers were ultimately held accountable for their reprehensible conduct. But even with important changes in the law and our increased knowledge of the potential consequences of asbestos usage, one would be wrong to conclude that dangers do not persist. In this article, we will discuss some examples of some ongoing dangers related to asbestos.

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What Steps are Being Taken to Prevent Semi-Truck Accidents?

Accidents involving semi-trucks present a serious danger to anyone who drives on the highway. In 2014, semi-trucks and other large vehicles were involved in over 4,000 accidents, many of which were fatal for the people in the passenger vehicles. Because of their large size, semi-trucks pose a significantly higher risk of grievous injury or death when they are involved in a traffic accident. For this reason, lawmakers and other safety regulators are constantly looking for ways to prevent semi-truck accidents. One strategy for reducing semi-truck accidents and making the highways safer is to mandate the use of speed regulators. 

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Proving Medical Malpractice in An Emergency Situation

Emergency medical care is a familiar topic to most Americans. Chances are, virtually all of us have received emergency medical care, or if not, have a close family member who has. And Oregonians are blessed to live in communities with professional, capable doctors, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and others providing crucial emergency care. The quality of this care in the early stages of an emergency can be absolutely life-saving. Unfortunately, however, malpractice committed during this crucial stage of care can be equally devastating, sometimes resulting in permanent injury or death. When such malpractice is committed, society demands accountability. In this article, we’ll discuss the rules and standards which apply to malpractice in an emergency situation.

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Who Is Most Likely to Suffer from Mesothelioma?

With the proliferation of websites, television advertisements, and lawsuits addressing “mesothelioma,” many people have asked us exactly what the disease is and who may be more likely to develop it. In this article, we will answer these and other questions.

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