Car Safety Features for 2022

No matter what happens in the broader economy, businesses and industries around the world are constantly seeking to evolve and improve. When things go right, this improvement includes safer products for consumers. A perfect example is the automobile industry. In this article, we will examine several developments in car safety features.

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Alarming Medical Malpractice Statistics

Most would agree that the United States has some of the finest medical care available anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, there is another side to the coin. Not all medical outcomes are good, and some of the poor medical results that occur are caused by professional negligence. In this article we will examine some alarming medical malpractice statistics.

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Mesothelioma and Senior Citizens

Mesothelioma often does not develop until decades after the exposure to asbestos. Therefore, many Americans actually complete their working careers before developing symptoms of the disease. Thus, even though asbestos is used less now than in the past, research cited by the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries notes that recently the rate of malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) has increased in patients who are 70 years old and older. Learn more about mesothelioma and elderly citizens in this article.

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Have Dog Bites Increased During the Pandemic?

As much as dogs positively affect society and many families, they have also always presented certain dangers. Prior to the pandemic, Petpedia reported that more than four million dog bites occurred in 2020 in the United States. estimated the number closer to 4.5 million. Not surprisingly, a variety of local governments, veterinarians, hospitals, and other groups have noted increases in dog bites and dog attacks during the pandemic.

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Do Drivers Ignore Speed Limits?

Of course we hope that all members of society turn into responsible adults who contribute positively to society, but unfortunately there will always be those who buck the system. In some instances, the failure to conform is extremely serious, such as those who commit serious crimes. In other instances, people may view some of their choices as relatively insignificant, such as the failure to abide by certain traffic laws. What may at first seem like a very mild traffic infraction can lead to death and serious personal injury for others. In this article, we will discuss whether drivers simply ignore speed limits.

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Personal Injury Settlement vs. Jury Verdict: Which is Better?

While the vast majority of personal injury cases are ultimately settled, statistics also show that thousands of cases go to trial every year. Thus, it is not surprising that we are constantly asked questions about why some cases are settled while others continue to trial - and whether one outcome is better than the other. We will discuss those issues in this article.

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Nursing Malpractice During Birthing Procedures

Most pregnancies turn out successfully, resulting in a healthy mother and the birth of a healthy baby. Unfortunately, however, mistakes are sometimes made. Medical malpractice, including nursing negligence, can cause substantial harm, and even death, to babies and mothers. In this article, we will discuss some of the forms of nursing malpractice that occur, along with a discussion of the rights of those who are harmed.

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Can I Recover if I’m Injured in an Accident While Not Wearing a Seat Belt?

Most Oregonians know by now that drivers and passengers in motor vehicles are generally required to wear safety belts. But what happens if a motor vehicle occupant is injured while not wearing a seat belt? Some people worry that they will automatically be prevented from having the opportunity to recover for their injuries. In this article, we will examine some important legal principles and discuss how a personal injury recovery is often possible, even for a person not wearing a seat belt in a car accident.

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What Are the Rights of Injured Motorcycle Passengers?

For whatever reason people choose to ride, motorcycle popularity has increased significantly. Unfortunately, with an increase in motorcycle riding has come a corresponding increase in motorcycle accidents and the injuries and deaths that result from them. Moreover, some of those who are injured and killed are passengers, generally having no responsibility for the motorcycle crash that injured them. In this article, we will discuss the rights of motorcycle passengers.

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Slow Developing Symptoms You Should Never Ignore After a Car Accident

While car crashes can differ in severity, and the physical and emotional consequences for someone involved can vary, it is quite common for people to feel a sense of shock, stress, and other emotions immediately following an accident. Additionally, your body will generally produce adrenaline. While these responses are designed to protect us, they can mask injuries for a period of time. Therefore, a person may not fully understand potential injuries immediately following the accident.

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