When a Driver Lies About How an Accident Occurred

Most traffic accidents require some level of investigation. The results of the investigation can have both civil and criminal consequences for the people involved. An important part of the fact-finding process normally includes interviewing or taking statements from the drivers involved in the accident. Naturally, things are easier to sort out when everyone is truthful, but what if that's not the case? In this article, we will discuss some things that you can do when another driver is untruthful about how a traffic accident occurred.

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What Are Hypoxia and Asphyxia Birth Injuries?

Certainly, when planning a family, most people presume that the process will proceed normally and that the parents will ultimately welcome a happy, healthy baby into the world. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes, nature intervenes in ways that we simply may not understand. In other instances, medical negligence causes harm. Both situations are devastating. In this article, we will discuss hypoxia and asphyxia birth injuries.

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How Closely Should You Follow Another Car in Oregon?

Have you ever looked in your rear-view mirror only to find another car following so closely that it makes you uncomfortable? Probably so. And there’s a good reason for your discomfort - according to the Oregon Department of Transportation, tailgating is the number one cause of traffic accidents in the state. Obviously, if the car in front has to stop suddenly, a tailgating driver often does not have sufficient time to also stop, resulting in a rear-end collision. Thus, refraining from tailgating is a matter of safety.

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The Importance of Asbestos Regulations in Oregon

Because we cannot always count on businesses to act in our best interest, we rely on the government to take appropriate steps to help protect us. When it comes to asbestos, there are rules and regulations at both the federal and state levels designed to do exactly that. In this article, we will discuss such rules and why it is so important to update and enforce them.

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How Drivers Can Help Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Regardless of their reason for being on foot, pedestrians are at risk any time they’re near cars. While pedestrians can certainly take steps to protect themselves, drivers can also help. In this article, we will provide some tips on how drivers can help reduce pedestrian accidents and injuries.

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Can Midwives Be Sued for Malpractice?

While the great majority of women still deliver their children in a hospital with the help of an obstetrician, other options exist. In fact, the number of women choosing to have a midwife involved in their pregnancy has increased in recent years. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of midwifery, along with a patient’s options in the event of malpractice.

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How Dangerous Are Intersections for Automobile Drivers?

Everyone knows that driving an automobile comes with a certain amount of danger. Nevertheless, unless one lives in a large metropolis with significant public transportation options, it is almost impossible to get by without a car. Plus, when it comes to juggling the schedules and transportation needs for working parents and children involved in school and extracurricular activities, the convenience of motor vehicle ownership cannot be denied. But what about unavoidable features of driving, like intersections? Do they create a danger that should put drivers on high alert? That issue will be discussed in this article.

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How Can Dental Implants Go Wrong?

As we age, dental problems can become more complex. People may chip teeth, crack teeth, or develop gum disease. Surgeries, crowns, root canals, tooth removal, and other forms of dental intervention may become necessary. One technique that has gained popularity in recent times is the dental implant. Some people have found dental implants to be completely beneficial and life altering. Others have had unfortunate results. In this article, we will discuss how dental implants can go wrong.

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Do Automobile Accidents Increase in the Summer?

Many people immediately identify winter as the most dangerous time to be on the road. That can make logical sense, especially in areas that have a lot of snow and ice. But the reality is that summer, loosely defined by many as the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, is the most dangerous time of year on American roadways. Learn why.

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Top Mistakes Made by Cardiologists

Cardiologists are a necessary and valuable part of the American healthcare system. However, when one of these professionals makes a mistake, the results can be harmful, expensive, and even deadly. In this article, we will discuss some common mistakes made by cardiologists.

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