What Steps are Being Taken to Prevent Semi-Truck Accidents?

Accidents involving semi-trucks present a serious danger to anyone who drives on the highway. In 2014, semi-trucks and other large vehicles were involved in over 4,000 accidents, many of which were fatal for the people in the passenger vehicles. Because of their large size, semi-trucks pose a significantly higher risk of grievous injury or death when they are involved in a traffic accident. For this reason, lawmakers and other safety regulators are constantly looking for ways to prevent semi-truck accidents. One strategy for reducing semi-truck accidents and making the highways safer is to mandate the use of speed regulators. 

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Proving Medical Malpractice in An Emergency Situation

Emergency medical care is a familiar topic to most Americans. Chances are, virtually all of us have received emergency medical care, or if not, have a close family member who has. And Oregonians are blessed to live in communities with professional, capable doctors, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and others providing crucial emergency care. The quality of this care in the early stages of an emergency can be absolutely life-saving. Unfortunately, however, malpractice committed during this crucial stage of care can be equally devastating, sometimes resulting in permanent injury or death. When such malpractice is committed, society demands accountability. In this article, we’ll discuss the rules and standards which apply to malpractice in an emergency situation.

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Who Is Most Likely to Suffer from Mesothelioma?

With the proliferation of websites, television advertisements, and lawsuits addressing “mesothelioma,” many people have asked us exactly what the disease is and who may be more likely to develop it. In this article, we will answer these and other questions.

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What Is the Standard of Proof in A Wrongful Death Case?

Oregon’s legal system, like that of other states, seeks to achieve many valuable goals, including the protection of our citizens from many types of harm, including wrongful death. Central to this goal is the concept that all of society benefits when wrongdoers are held accountable for their conduct. So, for example, if someone is wrongfully killed, is justice pursued through the criminal system or the civil system? In some cases, it is one or the other, and in other cases, it is both. It’s easy to understand why these concepts can seem confusing to someone who does not ordinarily deal with the legal system. In this article, we will explain the differences between civil and criminal actions, and discuss how they apply to cases of wrongful death. 

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How Long Does It Take to Investigate and Resolve a Semi-Truck Accident Case?

Luckily, most of us have not experienced a crash with a semi-truck. However, most people have at least witnessed the resulting carnage from a tractor-trailer truck crash, either on the highway, on the side of the road, or in the news. The damage to both the victims and their property can be catastrophic. We are often asked how long it will take to either settle a truck crash case or take it to trial. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question, and each case varies according to its own facts. Seeking accountability from negligent truck drivers and trucking companies often takes longer than resolving other types of cases. While we believe that it is important to pursue a case diligently, it is equally important to prepare the case thoroughly and properly to ensure that victims are fully compensated for their losses. In this article, we will discuss how the investigation of a trucking case, along with other factors, can affect the timing of the final resolution of the case.

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When Does Medical Error Become Medical Malpractice?

Healthcare continues to be a topic of great debate in the United States, with our system drawing both praise and criticism from politicians and citizens, alike. Many complain about a lack of access, affordability, and uneven outcomes. Others praise the quality of care and compassion of practitioners. But regardless of one’s opinion in the political debate, statistics demonstrate that medical errors occur with sufficient frequency to concern us all. After all, some researchers have concluded that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, resulting in between 210,000 and 400,000 preventable deaths every year. While it is true that some “medical errors” do not rise to the level of malpractice, and while we are quite certain that most health-care workers are compassionate, hard-working, well-meaning providers, it is nevertheless alarming to consider these statistics and the potential for harm to ourselves and our loved ones. 

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Where Is a Semi-Truck Accident Most Likely to Happen?

Due to the vast differences in size between large trucks and passenger automobiles, it is not surprising that crashes involving tractor-trailers and other large trucks can result in catastrophic injury and property damage. As a result, it is certainly advisable to exercise extreme caution when driving anywhere near a semi-truck. While we appreciate that most truck drivers are hard-working and careful, it’s indisputable that many Oregonians are injured by trucking company and truck driver negligence. In this article, we will examine some interesting and informative statistics on trucks, and provide some safety tips to protect yourself from danger.

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Are Medical Malpractice Cases Involving Nurses Different?

When people hear about medical malpractice, they often think it refers to doctors. Some people are surprised to find out that medical malpractice can result from the negligent, improper, or illegal actions of any medical professional that’s responsible for a patient’s care. Nurses are the medical professionals most often on the front lines of patient care, and they occasionally make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes sometimes result in the harm or death of a patient. While we at Nelson MacNeil Rayfield know that most nurses are good-intentioned, hard-working professionals doing their part to make their communities healthier, we also believe that it’s important to hold people responsible for any negligent, improper, or illegal actions that result in pain or loss of life.

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The Most Common Medical Malpractice Areas (& How You Can Protect Yourself)

No one is more appreciative of Oregon’s highly qualified medical practitioners than the attorneys at Nelson MacNeil Rayfield. In fact, most Oregonians can thank a doctor or other medical professional for providing essential medical services at one time or another. However, doctors and other medical providers can make mistakes, just like any other professional. Unfortunately, the results of medical malpractice can be severe, sometimes even fatal. In order to protect all of society and promote accountability, we believe it’s imperative to hold all negligent professionals responsible for their actions.  

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Do HEPA Air Filters Remove Asbestos from the Air?

Because asbestos has useful heat-resistant qualities, it has been used for many decades in wide-ranging industries and products. As most people now know, a wave of litigation exposed the harmful effects of asbestos. Litigation also confirmed something that had long been feared: that many employers and industries continued to expose people to the dangers of asbestos, even after learning about its dangers. Fortunately, society and the law have responded to hold wrongdoers accountable and to protect our citizens. However, some people are surprised to learn that asbestos has not been completely banned. While its uses have been limited, asbestos still exists in many buildings and products. Therefore, if you have exposure to asbestos, it’s crucial that you protect yourself.

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