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Trucks, semi-trucks and tractor-trailers present some of the greatest threats to our safety on the road.  Due to the danger tractor-trailer accidents present to the community, the U.S. Department of Transportation and state agencies have created numerous safety rules to keep our roads safe.  When semi-truck drivers follow these rules, it increases safety in our communities.  Our semi-truck accident attorneys most often see collisions in which drivers fail to follow these safety rules. 

Safety rules for semi-truck drivers address concerns like how long a driver can work, distribution of load weight on the truck, maintenance, and pre-trip inspections.  However, despite the importance of safety, our tractor-trailer accident attorneys frequently see truck drivers that do not follow the rules.  A lack of sleep, improperly balanced freight, driver distraction, and lack of maintenance are some common causes our Oregon semi-truck accident lawyers see.   

Many of the safety violations our lawyers find are systemic within the company, and are motivated by profit over safety.  For example, it’s not unusual to for our attorneys to discover a semi-truck driver lying about the hours they worked in their logbook.  Semi-truck drivers do this to drive longer, get paid more, and please supervisors.

At first glance, a logbook may seem accurate.  An experienced truck accident attorney can help clients see through the smoke and mirrors. Tractor-trailer drivers know that regulatory and police agencies only evaluate compliance with safety rules by looking at their logbook.  To create the appearance of compliance with the safety rules, drivers use methods such as shortening or lengthening the time they log for stops and deliveries.  This allows them to be on the road for longer periods than they should be.  A good semi-truck accident lawyer will be able to spot the broken safety rules that caused the collision.

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Unfortunately, the deception doesn’t stop with the truck driver.  Owners of trucking companies and their managers can tell if their driver is violating these safety rules by examining payroll records.  Payroll records will be inconsistent with the driver’s logbook because the employee wants to be paid for all the time they’ve worked.   All too often our lawyers see management turn a blind eye and rely on forged logbooks to increase their productivity and profit.  Intentional safety violations like these create truck drivers that are tired, zoned out, or day dreaming while they haul heavy loads at high speeds.

Our attorneys conduct thorough investigations to determine exactly what caused the accident. Semi-truck accident cases often require multiple experts at trial, due to the unique regulations and crash dynamics involved.  One of our goals as lawyers is to provide the client and their family with the most accurate information possible. 

Please feel free to call one of our truck and semi-truck accident lawyers if you have any questions or would like to consult on a semi-truck accident case.  Our attorneys take semi-truck cases across the state of Oregon and frequently meet with clients in the following cities: Corvallis, Albany, Portland, Eugene, Bend, Salem, Lebanon, Newport, Lincoln City, Waldport, Sweet Home, and Philomath.

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