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Injuries to the knee, like a meniscal tear, are common when a pedestrian is hit by a car or truck.

Pedestrian accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents in Oregon and across the United States.  Unlike in car accidents, pedestrians don’t have the outer shell of a car for protection.  As a result, the potential for serious injury or death in a pedestrian accident is great.  Our Oregon pedestrian accident attorneys see numerous pedestrian collisions each year due to people not driving responsibly and failing to follow the safety rules of the road.

Drivers are taught, and Oregon law requires, that drivers exercise extreme caution when driving in high-risk areas such as neighborhoods, school zones, crosswalks, and cities. Drivers in these areas present a threat of harm to the people around them.   Drivers have a responsibility to exercise caution to keep those around them safe from preventable harm.   When a driver does not follow these safety rules and causes someone harm, they are responsible for the harm they cause.  The first thing our lawyers evaluate is what safety rule did the driver break to cause the collision. 

It’s important to note that our responsibility as drivers under Oregon law is measured by the amount of harm we represent to the community.  As the threat of harm from our actions/driving increases, our level of responsibility to keep the community safe also increases.  Drivers operate heavy steel vehicles at high speeds.  A car or truck driving 30 miles per hour travels 44 feet per second – the time it takes to snap your fingers.  Compared to pedestrians, drivers have a greater ability to control their surroundings, act responsibly, and avoid collisions.  A pedestrian in a crosswalk does not create the same level of harm to the community that a car or truck traveling at 25 miles per hour does.  Drivers therefore have a greater responsibility of care to the community.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Many motions are made prior to the trial of an injury case. This is an example of the motions attorneys make in a typical Oregon personal injury case.Download

Pedestrian cases often require significant investigation by an experienced pedestrian injury lawyer in Oregon.  Pedestrian accident lawyers examine the timeline of the accident, property damage, and many other factors.  Simple things like where on the car an individual was hit, or the timing sequence of a traffic signal, can have a significant impact on the assessment of fault by a jury.  Some cases require our attorneys to hire experts to better understand the crash dynamics or to construct a 3D video model of the crash.

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