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Anatomy of the knee - Injuries to the ligaments and structures of the knee are common in bicycle accidents.

In the state of Oregon, bicycle accidents cases are unique when compared to a typical auto accident case.  There are particular laws and particular crash dynamics that apply to bike accident cases but don’t apply to auto accidents.  In the end, however, the general principles are the same – when someone doesn’t follow the safety rules of the road, and as a result harms a bicyclist, they are responsible for the harm caused.

When choosing a bicycle accident attorney in Oregon, it is important to find an attorney that has experience handling bicycle cases.  Our lawyers take cases across the state of Oregon and are familiar with the various dynamics and issues that make these cases unique.  As attorneys, we work to help clients obtain compensation for lost wages, medical bills, physical impairment, physical pain, and the disruption to the client’s life.

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Some bicycle accidents can be handled without an experienced attorney.  However, the bicyclist should take the time to learn their rights and their case’s time deadlines under Oregon law.  It is also important to immediately document the facts of the collision and obtain contact information for any witnesses to the collision.  Most importantly, take care of yourself.  It is more important to seek necessary medical treatment than to worry about a potential bike accident claim.  Your health in any bicycle accident case should be your first priority.

Our lawyers see most bike accidents in cities that allow easy bike commuting, such as Portland, Corvallis, Albany, Salem, and Eugene.  Our lawyers also see accidents in resort towns like Bend, Newport, Lincoln City, and Waldport. 

Our attorneys are experienced and regularly handle bicycle accident cases.  As bicycle accident lawyers, we can help answer any questions you may have.  Don’t hesitate to call one of our attorneys if you have any questions.  Our advice and consultations on bicycle collision cases are free.


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